Joaquin Solis

Joaquin Solis

Physician Cardio Intvl at Aurora Health Care , Inc.

750 W. Virginia St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
HQ Phone:
(414) 647-3000

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Cardiovascular Disease Consultant  - Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care Group


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Joaquin Solis, MD Interventional Cardiology

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Joaquin Solis, MD
800-403-0385 / 414-219-7653

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Joaquin Solis's
Joaquin Solis Physician Profile for Joaquin Solis As a board certified specialist in interventional cardiology, Joaquin Solis, MD, provides non-surgical procedures for treating cardiovascular disease. By using a cardiac catheter to perform minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Solis can diagnose and, in some cases, repair damaged blood vessels, thereby avoiding the need for surgery. (06/08)

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