Joanne M. Stella

Student Lawyer at University of New Hampshire

128 Main St, Durham, New Hampshire, United States
University of New Hampshire
HQ Phone:
(603) 862-1234

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Legal Services Attorney  - University of Nonsensical Happenings


Public Relations Manager  - Student

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PSA 7th and 9th Grade Conferences - Project Safety Association

Joanne Stella, Esquire, UNH Attorney for Students
Joanne Stella has been a criminal defense attorney since 1993. She started as a public defender in Rockingham, representing indigent defendants, including juveniles, on serious criminal charges. For the last 17 years she has run a legal office available to UNH students on criminal and civil matters, as well as a private practice of law. The vast majority of her cases are alcohol and drug related offenses committed by young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. On a day-to-day basis, young adults contact Joanne and say this (a real email from a client): "Over Labor Day weekend, the Police gave me a violation for underage drinking (intoxication). It was awful and really embarrassing because I don't drink that much. It just so happened that one of the few times I made the mistake of drinking, I was caught. I was hoping I could schedule a meeting with you to see what I could do to make things better." No parent has ever said to Joanne, 'I knew my kid would get in trouble at college' and almost all of her clients describe their circumstances as 'unusual and unlucky'. Joanne will talk about why -- why is it that when we all know the predictable circumstances of young adults and their desire to experiment with alcohol, and to some degree drugs, we are all shocked when it is our kids that do it or young adults who are shocked themselves because they feel it was out of character for them. Joanne facilitates an open and frank discussion of practical tips from 20 years of anecdotal evidence and stories that uncover the truth about choices and why young people sometimes make the wrong one.

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Similar to the situation of the fired RA, Joanne Stella, UNH's student attorney, said the only involvement with Facebook she's encountered has to do with landlords discovering illegal behavior from tenants that threatened lease agreements.
"I advise people to be careful about what they put on there," said Stella.

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Portsmouth Herald Local News: UNH students submit petition to keep lawyer

DURHAM - Student leaders at the University of New Hampshire delivered a petition to the university system's board of trustees Wednesday expressing their support for UNH student lawyer Joanne Stella. The petition comes just three months after the board made a policy change prohibiting the use of student fees to pay for the legal representation of a student involved in a criminal case.The board implemented the change in December and directed that it go into effect on July 1 this year. Student leaders also presented the board with proposed amendments to the policy change. Under the new policy implemented by the trustees, Stella would be allowed to represent students only in civil matters. Stella receives a stipend from the student activity fee, a mandatory fee paid by all undergraduates. Student leaders at UNH were outraged at the policy change and in January began gathering signatures for the petition they presented to the trustees on Wednesday in support of Stella. Members of the Student Senate obtained 2,042 signatures, according to Student Senate Speaker Jennifer Francque, adding that the Student Senate also received 11 letters from alumni in support of their effort. Approximately 30 students gathered outside the New England Center on Wednesday, the site of the trustees meeting, to show their support for Stella. Sophomore Jason Heany, public relations manager for the Student Senate, said he skipped his mid-term exam to attend the rally. Heany said his professor supports his actions and allowed him to reschedule the test. "The support from faculty and staff has been amazing," he said.

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