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Dancer  - Tropical Image Dance Company

Dancer  - Mexican Folkloric Dance Company of Chicago


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Early 2006, Jesse and with his assistant/fianc,e Joanna formed with his assistant Joanna Sanchez at Beyond Dance in Cranford and at Infinite Dance Studio in Union.

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biography | Joanna Sanchez, Dancer/Performer/AssistantJesse teaches Salsa/Mambo classes with the help of his assistant Joanna Sanchez (Tropical Image Dancer) at KarateNMotion in Westfield, New Jersey, and The Healthy Choice Center in Newark, New Jersey . Jesse also assists Arelis Beato (a.k.a Magic Feet) in teaching at her dance studio located in Brooklyn, NY and has had the honor of cameo appearing in several Tropical Image performances.Joanna SanchezDancer/Performer/AssistantJoanna SanchezJoanna Sanchez was born in July, 1976 and raised in Central Jersey by her loving Mom.Throughout her life, Joanna always felt a deep connection to her Latin roots and Peruvian heritage.In High School, Joanna was a member of the multicultural club and participated in several Latin events during those years.While a business major in college, she went to a nightclub one night and was introduced to the sexy Latin dance that we know today as Salsa/Mambo.At the time, she was too busy with school and work to take dance lessons, but always knew she would in the near future.Joanna was introduced to Salsa/Mambo "on2" (with no prior dance background) in early 2003 after taking her first class at the Healthy Choice Fitness Center, where instructor Jesse Yip (Imagenes de Karisma dancer) taught his classes.Joanna enjoyed the classes so much that she and her sister Janeth decided to take a few more.After about 6 months of dedicated practice, a close friend offered Joanna an opportunity to display her newfound passion at a talent show called the "Show Off" Showcase.She joined 5 other young women to perform her first Salsa routine, "China Girl", choreographed by Jesse Yip and Sweety Velez.Following the show, Joanna decided to pursue private lessons with Jesse.Consequently Joanna found herself becoming captivated by Salsa, going out social dancing almost 4 times each week.In 2004, Joanna was ready to move on to the next stage, so Jesse recommended Joanna to his friend Arelis Beato (a.k.a. Magic Feet).In 2004, Joanna was ready to move on to the next stage, so Jesse recommended Joanna to his friend Arelis Beato (a.k.a. Magic Feet).Arelis saw tremendous potential in Joanna and immediately signed her to the Tropical Image Elite Team.As a Tropical Image dancer, Joanna has improved her styling and footwork techniques while delivering a soft and elegant style on both the dance floor and stage.Joanna continues to expand her knowledge by taking classes by the world-renowned diva stylist Amanda Estilo of the Karisma Dance Company.Joanna still remembers her very first day in salsa class and delivers this simple but powerful message to their students: "If you have a passion, be patient, for practice makes perfect."

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