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Capt. Jim Zurbrick

Captain JIM ZURBRICK (click here)
Captain Zurbrick has over 40 years of experience of fishing, spear fishing and diving Florida Gulf Waters and has been active in the charter and commercial fishing for over 20 years . His experience and knowledge of the Gulf of Mexico waters is proven with the number of repeat customers year after year. Captain Jim maintains a 100 ton masters license; which assures customers of a qualified charter boat operation. Specializing in fishing and diving in the Florida Middle Grounds; captain Jim has earned a reputation of being a confident and successful spear fisherman and rod and reel angler. For over 20 years captain Jim has been a regular sight in the Florida middle grounds and has gained the knowledge to successfully fish and dive there.

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JollyRogersII Trip Report September 12-14 '03

Jim Zurbrick got battery acid squirted in his eye, and I got my ass kicked Saturday night by a triple crown of stomach cramps, severe sinus congestion, and a frontal lobe shattering migraine.

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JollyRogersII Trip Report October 24-25 '03

Jim Zurbrick moved up a half mile to a rock pile, and dropped the other three guys on the boat.
It was full blown night time when we surfaced, and thankfully Jim didn't have that heart attack by himself on the boat so we were picked up promptly . Just joking, Jim is in about as good shape as a 53 yr. old can be.

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