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Jim Bressi

last updated 4/30/2018

General Information


Director Research and Development - Kwik Trip , Inc.

Development Chef - LSG Sky Chefs


Board Member - Channel One Food Bank

Recent News  

Pseudoscience, taste & cost hinder sales of whole grain products

Food manufacturers can help overcome this by working with retailers to set prices that consumers can afford, said Jim Bressi, director of food research and product development at Kwik Trip, Inc., convenience stores.
"A lot of us do live with a lower margin on whole grain products so we can keep the price for the consumer down. Otherwise, it becomes cost prohibitive," he said. Health claims and "unclean" labels also deter consumers from buying whole grains, Bressi said. He explained that in the convenience channel "if we say this is healthy, we are guaranteed to see sales sink. So we really use the 'stealth health' approach," to sell whole grain products, such as offering white whole wheat bread or simply not calling attention to the benefits of whole grains. "Evil ingredients" on labels are another major block to product sales, he said. In the case of breads, consumers are looking for and refusing to buy products with azodicarbonamide, he explained, adding Kwik Trip stores will be ADA free by 2015.

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Whole Grains Breaking Barriers Nov 2014 Conference Program | The Whole Grains Council

Jim Bressi, Director of Product Development, Kwik Trip (download PDF 8.4M)

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As Jim Bressi, Kwik Trip's director of food research and development, stressed when summing up how to attract more coffee lovers to c-stores, "You have to make the customer believe it's a wholesale change for them."

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