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Jill Turner

last updated 6/1/2017

Jill Turner

Director at BASU , Inc.

1610 Harrison St. Ste F, Oakland, California, United States
BASU , Inc.

General Information


Hotel Marketing and Sales Assistant - Incredible Adventures

Organizing Consultant - Wright Institute

Driver - Hitch

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7-17-17 NESA Monitor | NESA

"They can pull it without fear of hurting themselves," explained Jill Turner of BASU.
Pulling the top ... More Info

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Jill Turner, public relations director of ROBOCOPP, said that the goal of this device is to create a non-confrontational deterrent.
"We've thought about personal safety for a while and looked at rigorous research to find what proves to be the most effective crime deterrent for those who don't want to use a weapon like a knife or pepper spray," Turner said. "The point of the Sound Grenade is to prevent an attack, rather than engage in one." Turner also said that the success rate for the device is 100 percent, with not a single person contacting the company about the product being useless. Turner said she hears stories about the Sound Grenade working for people regularly, and one that came in recently was from UC Berkeley. "We receive reports from students and parents sharing their experiences," Turner said.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story included the incorrect title for Jill Turner.
It has been corrected. Jill Turner, public relations director of ROBOCOPP. Image courtesy of ROBOCOPP. "If you think about it, if you aren't practicing something in a heightened situation, then it's not going to come naturally to you," said Jill Turner, public relations director of ROBOCOPP. To demonstrate this point, Turner told a story of a student she interviewed who had been assaulted and was looking for a self-defense class but couldn't find one that wasn't exclusive to women.

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