Jenny-Brooke Condon

last updated 6/5/2017

Jenny-Brooke Condon

Associate Professor at SETON HALL

General Information


Associate Professor - SSRN

Assistant Clinical Professor - Center for Social Justice

Litigation Director - World Organization for Human Rights USA


Fellow In Public Interest and Constitutional Law - Gibbons P.C

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Jennifer B. Condon Attorney/Lawyer - Gibbons P.C.

Jenny-Brooke Condon is a Gibbons Fellow in Public Interest and Constitutional Law for the 2008-2010 term.
Most recently, Ms. Condon served as a Visiting Clinical Professor at Seton Hall University School of Law's Center for Social Justice, where she supervised an immigration and human rights clinic focused on gender-based asylum and contributed to litigation challenging torture, extraordinary rendition, and other human rights abuses emerging from the "war on terror. As a clinical teaching fellow at Seton Hall Law, Ms. Condon also co-supervised a civil litigation clinic that addressed a wide range of public interest issues affecting New Jersey's urban residents, including police misconduct, fair housing, and predatory lending. Prior to teaching, Ms. Condon was the Litigation Director at the World Organization for Human Rights USA in Washington, D.C., where she represented immigrant women facing gender-based persecution and challenged government abuses committed pursuant to the "war on terror."

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Government Transparency Against Private Prison Corporations | Center for Constitutional Rights

"The Supreme Court correctly recognized that private companies have no standing under FOIA to interfere with the balance Congress sought to strike between the public and their elected representatives regarding the transparency necessary in our democracy," said Jenny-Brooke Condon, Professor of Law at Seton Hall Law School's Center for Social Justice.

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Due Process

Joining him in the Rutgers Law moot courtroom: Professor Jenny-Brooke Condon, director of Seton Hall Law School's Equal Justice Clinic , which sued the state on behalf of the hundreds locked up, indefinitely ... In civil commitment.

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