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Last Updated 10/5/2006

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Owner  - Pywrit.com

Photographer  - Pywrit.com

Operator  - Pywrit.com

Photographer, Photographer  - MIO Talent

Photographer, A Freelance Photographer  - 

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A Letter from the Owner

An Ongoing Letter from Jeffrey S Timmons,Pywrit.com OwnerJeffrey S Timmons, BooksellerPywrit.com - Home of Jeffrey S Timmons, Bookseller

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Jeffrey S. TimmonsFreelance PhotographerPywrit.com - Home of Jeffrey S Timmons, Photographer

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About the Pywrit

Jeffrey S Timmons11 River StreetHillsdale, MI 49242 Jeffrey S Timmons, Bookseller:The Pywrit is Jeffrey S Timmons, the site's owner and operator.He started collecting books at the age of 8 and, by the time he reached 30 had over 2000 books in his collection.He is a reader/writer of SF and his story "Gamewar" appeared in Lost Worlds Magazine.He has 5 sisters, a dozen nephews and nieces, and a growing number of great-nephews and nieces.His passion for books and collecting them, along with the encouragement and help of friends and family, inspired him to move into the area of selling used books.Pywrit would like to take a moment to memorialize one of his bestest pals, Nighthawk. This gray tabby was with me for 15 years and the two of us survived some rough times together.I couldn't have asked for a better animal companion as he was always loyal, loving, friendly (at least to me despite the six stitches I received pulling him off a somewhat larger dog (he had the same attitude problem I've always had, never back down to anyone, even when they are much larger and can do considerable bodily harm)), and ever-present.His loss on January 9th, 2002 struck me very hard, but I did find solace in all the kind words of my family and friends.They have been wonderful in getting me through this tough time.Pywrit.com - Home of Jeffrey S Timmons, Renaissance Man

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