Jeff Schoeller

Jeff Schoeller

Chiropractor at Verve Wellness LLC

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142 6th St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
HQ Phone:
(412) 471-1575

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Chiropractor and Owner - Cafe of Life Chiropractic - Denver



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Staff at Verve 360 Wellness, Pittsburgh PA | Verve Wellness

\\ Dr. Jeff Schoeller

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Verve 360 | Chiropractic Care at Our Pittsburgh Location

\\ Dr. Jeff Schoeller, D.C., BNtr

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Jeff Schoeller, D.C., BNtr
Dude Loves Some Bacon About Dr. Jeff Schoeller When I met Jeff, he was the funniest guy I had ever met! That was my first impression and it still holds true. I will tell you a bit more about all the things I love about him in a moment. For now, a little background information... Before becoming a Chiropractor, Jeff was a massage therapist and as fate had it, he worked in a Chiropractic office. He always thought Chiropractic was about back pain. Yet when he saw intense emotional, spiritual and physical healing his perspective changed dramatically. He saw peoples' lives change. Jeff realized he wanted to provide that to countless individuals to make more of an impact on the world and humankind. While in Chiropractic school.. Jeff also worked full time as a web master creating websites for Chiropractors. He also kept his passion for playing guitar and was a member of a corporate band as well as other independent bands along the way. Now, back to what I love.... Jeff is a kind, caring, loving man. He instantly connects to people of all ages. He is amazing with kids and not afraid to change a diaper! I have seen him befriend a homeless person, a 90-year-old (my grandmother!), many wise and seasoned people, and dogs just love him!! Jeff never stops amazing me as he has bought countless homeless people meals just for the pure giving nature within him. He truly sees all people for who they are, that is human, spirit, love. He never judges and always has a joke and a smile to share! He is resource (kind of a dork in many ways!) for information sharing, networking, ways to better oneself. He really knows everything about everything - smart, but doesn't rub it in! Jeff is an amazing Chiropractor. He is confident, loving, skilled, and bold. His faith in Chiropractic and our innate healing ability is limitless. His outgoing and accepting nature make it easy to just be yourself around him. When you are being adjusted by him, you feel his soothing yet powerful connection. I think we all need a little love sometimes, and Jeff definitely always has more than enough to give!

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