Jed Prouty

Jed Prouty

Teenaged Performer at Austin Stone's Museum

Austin Stone's Museum

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Jed Prouty Jed Prouty ( April 6th, 1879 - May 10th, 1956) See all DVDs by this artist American actor Jed Prouty got his first taste of show business as a teenaged performer at Austin Stone's Museum (a sort of flea circus-variety show concern) in his native Boston. Working for years as a vaudeville song and dance man, Prouty made it to Broadway in 1921, appearing occasionally in silent films. The actor was prominently cast as a stuttering actor's agent Uncle Jed in his first talking picture, the Oscar-winning Broadway Melody (1929), though he found it expedient to drop the stammer for his subsequent films. Most often in bits and character roles in A-pictures -- as, for example, the unctuous columnist in A Star is Born (1937) -- Prouty was firmly in the lead in the Jones Family series of B-comedies filmed by 20th Century-Fox. Prouty played the Jones paterfamilias, with Spring Byington as his wife, in nearly all seventeen pictures in the Jones series.

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Jed Prouty (actor)

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