Jay Wu

last updated 11/12/2017

Jay Wu

Founding Partner at Global Career Path Inc

43002 Christy St, Fremont, California, United States

General Information


Senior UI Designer - Nuance Communications Inc


Founder - Shinect Community

Founder - Association of Berkeley Entrepreneurs

Founder - JayWSalon / Shinect

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Why Chinese Tech Companies Are Entering The U.S. Earlier Than Ever - GCP

Spotting an opportunity to help these companies recruit talent, Jay Wu established Global Career Path.
Wu said, "Chinese companies tend to excel in operation excellence and effective execution; while U.S. companies succeed in technology innovation and efficient management.

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China lures PhD holders - GCP

"While overseas Chinese students once coveted a full-time job in Silicon Valley and a green card, now they look to career opportunities back in China," said Jay Wu, the co-founder of Global Career Path, a search firm that specializes in matching talent in the US with Chinese businesses.
"This is because the Chinese government has been heavily invested in technology and innovation, which encouraged lots of Chinese companies to expand globally and make efforts to develop their own technologies - where the top overseas talents are becoming a driving force and key factor," he said. The Silicon Valley-based startup has been matching Chinese overseas talent in the US with Chinese tech titans such as JD, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei since 2015. "These companies are specifically looking for PhD students with strong technical backgrounds and engineers who have worked in Silicon Valley for an extended period of time," said Wu. He said that while undergraduate and graduate programs at top Chinese universities are as well-developed as universities in the US, PhD programs and postdoctoral programs in the US are still more advanced than those in China. "Students with a PhD or higher degrees are more attractive because they have more experiences in research and development and they can also bring global visions and thorough understanding of the most advanced cutting-edge technologies," Wu said.

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News Release - GCP

Source : China DailyStudents with a Phd or higher degrees in the US are attracted by the Chinese government dangling financial incentives for technology innovations and rapid development of Chinese tech giants. - Jay Wu

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