Jason Korman

last updated 4/3/2018

Jason T. Korman

Chief Executive Officer at gapingvoid.com

1521 Alton Road Suite 518, Miami Beach, Florida, United States
HQ Phone:
(305) 763-8503

General Information


Chief Executive Officer - Hugh MacLeod Comic

Business Partner - Macleod

Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Career Education Farouk Dey - Stanford

Chief Executive Officer Stormhoek North America - Stormhoek

Chief Executive Officer - California Direct Partners


Board of Advisors Member - Wine

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Employee Engagement Articles: Organizational Culture, Change Management

Gapingvoid CEO Jason Korman on change, culture & being one of a few men at HERWorld18
So we asked one of our male speakers - Jason Korman, CEO of culture design firm Gapingvoid - what he thought of the HERWorld18 experience, both as an industry outsider and a member of the gender minority. Jason Korman, CEO of gapingvoid ltd., maintains that employees who believe in their workplace and are fulfilled in their work contribute to the ideal environment for recruiting. He's developed a strategic approach for his consulting, primarily to multi-national organizations. March 27 2017 Read More How to Keep Employee Morale Up After Firing an Employee Intrinsic motivators are the key to getting through tough times, says Jason Korman, CEO of Gapingvoid Culture Design Group, and the coauthor with Brian Solis of a new e-book, 10 reasons your culture is failing and new insights on how to fix it. Jason Korman, CEO of Miami-based culture consultancy Gapingvoid, whose clients include a number of tech companies, has a different view. He believes the diversity problem in technology has more to do with a lack of female and minority candidates.

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Change Management Consultants from Gapingvoid: Our Story

Jason Korman
Co-Founder and CEO Co-Founder and Artistic Director

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Likeable Social Media: Stalk Less. Talk More. - Social Meteor

My friend, Jason Korman, the business manager of GapingVoid, describes the challenge for active brands on social media best: "Don't be boring."

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