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last updated 11/12/2017

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Editor-In-Chief  - TeenPROM

Editor-in-Chief, Teen Magazine  - Seventeen

Editor  - Teen Magazine

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Jane Fort of Hearst magazine is plugged into all the new looks for young women but calls on mytuxes when she needs cutting-edge fashion for the guys and this year is no different.
"It was shot in Descanso Gardens, California. The story doesn't have a title now!!!! Obviously, it's prom," says Jane Fort.

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Jane Fort
Hearst Biographies: Jane Fort Jane Fort Editor-In-Chief, Teen Magazine Jane Fort has been editor-in-chief of Teen magazine since June 2002 and editor-in-chief of TeenPROM magazine since August 1999. After graduating from the London College of Fashion & Clothing Technology, Fort served as the beauty editor of Petticoat magazine. She then went on to be the creative director for "Miners" and "Boots 17" cosmetics. In the US, Fort has been a constant mentor to young girls, having been the editor of All About You, TeenBeat and Tiger Beat magazines prior to becoming the editor-in-chief of Teen magazine.

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Start out your day at Prom Style Watch 2013 presented by TeenPROM & Seventeen Prom on floor 12 a 8 a.m. TeenPROM's editor-in-chief Jane Fort and Linda Korman, director of Prom Fashion Advertising for TeenPROM and Seventeen Prom will forecast the looks teens will be seeking in 2013.

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