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Basketball Player  - Madison-Grant United School Corporation

Basketball Player  - Madison-Grant High School


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Stroup says school's grades policy is unfairMadison-Grant basketball player Jake Stroup, who recently was declared academically ineligible to play, has filed a lawsuit against Madison-Grant United School Corp. to regain his position on the team.Stroup also claims a female athlete at the school who was ruled academically ineligible was given an opportunity to regain her eligibility, and he was not. Stroup and his lawyer, Albert Harker, filed for a temporary restraining order Thursday that would allow the senior to rejoin the basketball team until the case is settled.The Argylls beat Wabash 55-34 Friday without Stroup.He last played Jan. 6 against Wes-Del and has not practiced with the team, even though he is allowed to under M-G's policy.Stroup and his parents, Todd and Terri Stroup, were at Friday's game but wouldn't comment on the case."When Jake was first declared ineligible, we addressed the team, and that was the end of it at that point."Stroup is 18 years old.FIGHTING HIS SUSPENSION - Madison-Grant High School senior Jake Stroup is surrounded by Mississinewa defenders during a game Dec. 16.Stroup has not played with the team since a Jan. 6 game because his grades did not meet standards for athletic participation according to school policy.Stroup has taken his case to court, seeking to regain his spot on the team.

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Not surprisingly, Zirkle sympathizes with Jake Stroup - a Madison-Grant basketball player who became ineligible in January under the strictest policy governing academic eligibility for athletics in the county.Though Stroup passed all five of his classes during the semester ending Jan. 3, his 1.6 cumulative grade-point average didn't meet M-G's 1.67 requirement to play sports.Stroup, a senior starter, would have been allowed to play under the Indiana High School Athletic Association guidelines.Madison-Grant's eligibility policy - though relaxed somewhat in 2004 - remains stricter than the one laid out by the IHSAA.Stroup filed a lawsuit late last month against the school corporation seeking to regain his spot on the basketball team.Friday, a Grant County judge ruled that the school board has the right to apply any policy it chooses and said the policy on the books at Madison-Grant was applied fairly to Stroup.Stroup claimed it didn't state whether grades from a nine-week period or a semester counted toward eligibility.For his entire high school career, Stroup has a 2.29 cumulative GPA through the first semester of this academic year.He is on pace to graduate in the spring with a Core 40 diploma, according to Friday's court ruling.Wabash boys' basketball coach Matt Stone, whose team lost to the Argylls without Stroup on Jan. 27, sides with Smedley.

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Madison-Grant's Jake Stroup is third in the Central Indiana Conference with 506 rushing yards but has yet to rush for a touchdown.Blackford's opponents have scored 12 to 19 points in all five games.

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