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Harvard University

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Jaime Sommers
Jaime Sommers

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- Jaime Sommers on Becca ("Paradise Lost")
Despite the fury with which Becca has announced this intention, however, Jaime has only once offhandedly agreed that Becca should move back to her father's. When not angry, Jaime has adamantly opposed the suggestion that Becca should move out. Becca also has insecurity about her living arrangement with Jaime, believing herself to have hindered Jaime's progress in life. Jaime has claimed that the performing arts have served as a calming influence on her less admirable tendencies. In fact, Becca's performance at the talent night resulted in a rare expression of unalloyed joy and pride. ("Paradise Lost") Although Jaime does have parental responsibilities for her sister, their relationship remains decidedly sisterly. In a sense, however, Becca has inherited some of the characteristics of the pre-bionic Jaime Sommers. In the original narrative, Jaime was a kind of sister to Steve, since his parents became her legal guardians. While Wagner's Sommers was still a tennis pro, she, too, was kept in the dark about Steve's bionic powers. Becca briefly encountered Bledsoe at the funeral of Will Anthros, but Jaime dismissed Bledsoe as "nobody" before the two could be formally introduced. ("Paradise Lost") It is unclear how Jaime explained either the drugging, or Sarah, when Becca woke up. ("Sisterhood") Jaime Sommers Episode 105: The Education of Jaime Sommers Jaime Sommers Jaime Sommers

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