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Jacqueline Joy

Creator at 6-Minute Diamond Alignment Activation

6-Minute Diamond Alignment Activation

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I am Jacqueline Joy, creator of the 6-Minute Diamond Alignment Activation, a cutting-edge multi-sensory online energy transmission that instantly activates your chi power, by clearing your energy field, raising your vibration, and focusing your mind ... in just 6 minutes.

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Jacqueline Joy
Jacqueline Joy Host of Jacqueline Joy, Spiritual Leader and advisor, developed the powerful Sacred Technology known as Diamond Alignment which activates alignment with the Divine Presence Within and the deep Inner Power and Joy of Diamond Consciousness. At 38, Jacqueline Joy was the model of success by society's standards ... a pillar of the community with 4 children, a multi-million dollar business, a strong social network and perfect health. In 1987, she experienced a sudden physical collapse that came from out of the blue. Her "fall" was the spiritual awakening that initiated a complete dismantling of her "ideal" life. Over the next 9 years, in a daily ritual of hikes in the forest behind her home, her call for Divine help to guide her through her "dark night of the Soul", was answered by an intimate and wordless phenomenon ... Divine Energy Transmissions that freed her from the trance of her externally-driven life and brought her into vibrational alignment with her Soul ... the Diamond within. This daily phenomenon was the Spiritual Healing that transformed her extreme mental, emotional and physical pain (including overcoming anxiety attacks) into the Unspeakable Joy and profound Inner Peace that comes from conscious alignment with the Divine. In those years of her awakening process, she experienced first hand, that when she was brought into Divine Alignment through the Energy Transmissions in the forest she was freed from suffering and filled with renewed hope, strength and the energy to master her life's challenges in a new and empowered way. Through direct experience with the Spiritual Energy Transmissions she received, Jacqueline Joy established a divinely-inspired Sacred Technology known as Diamond Alignment that aligns individuals worldwide with the Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Consciousness. In 2007, she brought the Diamond Alignment Technology into a Sacred Business that through the transcendent 6-minute online phenomenon: The Diamond Alignment Experience. Jacqueline Joy's solid anchoring in the business world and her embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, awakened in 1987, allow her to lead, inspire and support individuals from 185 countries in mastering their embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and Joy ... actualizing their highest Diamond Potential.

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Tele-Class & Diamond Activation with Jacqueline Joy
Advanced Remote Diamond Energy Clearings & Transmissions from Jacqueline Joy, done for you 30 minutes a day See Full Description of Premium Diamond Connection See FAQ for Premium Diamond Connection See Subscriber Testimonials for Premium Diamond Connection 6 Minutes (Twice a Day) Transforms Your Life The Diamond Alignment Activation is a 6-minute multi-sensory energy transmission delivered through the Internet that immediately connects and aligns you with the Divine Power Within and the Universal Power of Heaven and Earth. This transcendent experience relaxes your mind, clears tension and toxicity from your cells, and activates the flow of Divine Ecstasy in your body ... gifting you with a deep state of Inner Peace and Joy that emanates from you throughout the day. Diamond Alignment IS a Divine Energy Transmission that activates the Highest Potential within each of us, allowing us to thrive from a state of Joy, Equanimity, Clarity, Fun, Freedom and Wealth of Being in this increasingly challenging and accelerated world. As each of us brings more Light and Alignment to our lives, we join the other Diamond Receivers in the Diamond Grid, accelerating the power of our Unified Energy Field to catalyze a global shift into Diamond Consciousness and Joy. You will also be collaborating with Jacqueline Joy, as an active, conscious receiver of the Diamond Energy ... amplifying the Divine Intervention that she invokes through the Diamond Energy Grid daily to detoxify and raise the frequency of the Planet and "Diamondize" crises around the world, which contributes to the upliftment of the human experience. Jacqueline Joy, 30 Minutes per Day Jacqueline Joy uses advanced energy technologies that she has mastered over the last 20 years to serve you 30 minutes daily. These powerful energy clearings and transmissions accelerate your embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, empowering you to maintain your Diamond Alignment and create true Wealth of Being - Wealth enjoyed at all levels; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially. NOTE: The daily Remote Clearing is not a recording nor is it received via teleconference call. The daily Clearing is transmitted "remotely" by Jacqueline Joy at the vibrational level, and therefore, it is not necessary to be in contact with her in the "physical" or do anything to receive it. Jacqueline Joy,Diamond Alignment's Spiritual leader & advisor, is globally delivering her Divinely-inspired Sacred Technology that aligns individuals with the Empowerment and Joy of Diamond Consciousness, through her transcendent 6-minute Diamond Alignment Activation online and "live", through her powerful Diamond Energy Transmissions, Activations and Clearings. Her solid anchoring in the business world and her embodiment of Diamond Consciousness, awakened in 1987, allow her to lead, inspire and support individuals worldwide, from 185 countries, in mastering their embodiment of Diamond Consciousness and actualizing the highest Diamond Potential of their Divine Diamond Blueprint. More Testimonials: "The energy today was more powerful now that i am a subscriber Thank you DIAMOND Team and Jacqueline Joy" It is fabulous to feel this way because I can now create my own reality in Joy, Peace, Love and Gratitude. Thank you so very much for your support!"

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