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Editor - Digital Magazine at The Psychic Star

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53 Myrtle St, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

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Supervision Certificate  - Management , RMIT/TAFE


Director, Presenter, Psychic  - Soul Star Radio

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Jacquelene takes you far deeper into the purpose behind your work, which becomes and is your business, your brand, and that is invaluable.
This is precisely what Jacquelene helps you to develop - more than just guidance about logos, colors, image, styling, and business branding - although she can help you with that, and keeping your sense of humour, of course. While working professionally with the intuitive and many spiritual energies for over twenty years, Jacquelene's corporate leadership and business experience is also well proven over the course of her life in a variety of senior executive roles, businesses and start ups. "The best image makeover you can start with is your attitude." Jacquelene Close Moore Two common mistakes Jacquelene has seen spiritual people make over and again is firstly not developing their own original business identity... It's wrong to copy or try to bully others to take their ideas, business name, event titles and slogans of others, even -direct, word for word entire paragraphs of - other people's published writing. This kind of behaviour is not only unacceptable, but can also have devastating results for you, your business reputation, and your finances later when acted upon. All of that is felt in the community, even if they don't "know" about it, as very often businesses that have been very pushy just don't last. Jacquelene has even been approached in her own shop, The Psychic Star, a few years ago by a complete stranger asking to work there. They offered services including as a psychic and as a business mentor for spiritual people. They then presented Jacquelene with a flyer about their business "mentoring services" complete with an entire paragraph of Jacquelene's own writing from her advert in a psychic magazine, which was published one year prior. She asked the person how they could reasonably offer coaching or business mentoring to the public if they had felt it acceptable and necessary to plagiarise her words to describe their service if their service was competently provided at all... (A large component of coaching and mentoring is teaching people how to communicate their own message) As for the person being psychic, Jacquelene didn't feel the need to even go into that discussion. There's nothing wrong with using a quote however, as long as you properly attribute it. Picture Picture Picture Picture Jacquelene was invited to present "Successfully Start your Spiritual Business" at Mind Body Spirit Festival, including color and branding ideas as well as platform readings based on participants energies and auras relating it back to their business ideas and also to their stage in spiritual and personal growth. Jacquelene recently returned from appearing and speaking at Adelaide Body Mind and Psychic Expo, and Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival speaking on How to Successfully Start Your Spiritual Business. She is available for mentoring Australia wide and internationally, face to face or over skype video as needed. Since 1995 Jacquelene Close Moore of The Psychic Star has provided over 15,000 consults, for a client base that is Australia Wide and across 38 countries across the world. Jacquelene has provided readings, spiritual consultancy, mentoring, healing, and worked with color guidance for clients from their logos through to dressing for success. She has published magazine articles on many topics from colors, auras, psychic and spiritual art, to many other personal and spiritual development, mentoring, and spiritual business topics. She has also worked with other natural and complimentary therapies for clients best outcomes. Since 1996, Jacquelene has taught personal and spiritual development topics and mentored many newly emerging industry professionals and new personal services and spiritual service related businesses and helped many students and clients to "Be The Star That You Are." Jacquelene registered "The Psychic Star" and "Be The Star That You Are" in 2006 and later as trademarks to reflect the work she does in helping people shine from within, igniting their own work and life. Jacquelene believes that the people whose businesses thrive are ones who also show an awareness of what people want, need, and are looking for. Jacquelene teaches you to find your own unique business name and tag line, both of which she recommends you register and then trademark to protect your business interests. Jacquelene has mentored artists, healers, natural therapists, astrologers, architects, interior designers, entertainers, fashion and jewellry designers, day spa managers, traditional chinese medicine practitioners, beauty therapy business owners, franchisees, entertainment managers, senior executives, CEOs, psychics and people from so many more fields and from all walks of life, across Australia and internationally. Her articles have been published online, in print, in a variety of magazines, and Jacquelene regularly appears at public events around Australia, speaking on many topics including how to successfully start your spiritual business. Soul Star Radio with Jacquelene Close Moore presents topics and very special guests who are leaders from fields of psychic, spiritual, personal coaching, natural therapies and much more. Soul Star Radio is a magazine format psychic radio show, which includes live to air readings by Jacquelene and her guests. What a brilliant time Thomas and Jacquelene had at the psychic stand this weekend at Beautiful You Australia, Royal... Jacquelene pictured below with Amanda Fisher, Designer, Bachhara Boutique. Jacquelene often wears and recommends Amanda's ethical fashion design, which helps empower women in Bangladesh and other countries. Picture Jacquelene and The Psychic Star have been invited to appear at another upcoming major Melbourne Fashion, Beauty and Women's Health Event in 2015, which is being coordinated by key Australian magazines in conjunction with major beauty and fashion industry brands... It will be the ultimate day out for ladies of all ages, and Jacquelene will be appearing on stage with an exciting presentation teaching you to be the star that you are... More details to follow ! Picture Pictured below, "A Spiritual Guide To Start Your Business," Cover Story, published in Conscious Living Magazine Autumn 2014. Jacquelene also appeared at the Conscious Living Expo 2014 and Presented on Stage and also in Workshops on How to Successfully Start Your Spiritual Business, including guidance on starting your business and readings of many in the audience about their business ideas and unique energy related to the successful authentic presentation of their business ideas and energies, and she also presented on On Auras, Chakras and Colors in the elements of nature, magick and meditation, which included color readings of the audience. You can read her published article below, click on the thumbnails to the left to read each page. Jacquelene Close Moore 2014

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