Jackie Godlock

last updated 2/5/2018

Jackie L. Godlock

Business Relations Specialist at North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

2302 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
HQ Phone:
(919) 733-7011

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Employment Specialist and Job Coach - Rutherford Life Services Inc


Member of the Board of Trustees - Isothermal Community College

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- Jackie Godlock, who works with the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and is a member of the ICC Board of Trustees, speaking during a special Black History Month event at Isothermal in February. 

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Designing a Life of Service: Jackie Godlock
Jackie Godlock, a Rutherford County native, mother of two, and police officer's wife, is well known for her lifestyle of exemplary service. The span of her life's activities, from her work at the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NCVRS), to her time spent as an associate minister at Abundant Life Christian Center, is rooted in serving others. Many aspects of Jackie's life are interesting, rich, and commendable, notably her work at NCVRS. She has 20 years experience in the vocational rehabilitation field. As a business relations specialist, she helps people with disabilities develop a plan for attaining and maintaining employent. She works with people who struggle with mental or physical disabilities, those with substance abuse issues, as well as with the general business community to facilitate making drastic positive changes in people's lives. "I love my job," Jackie says, "and I love people in general, so it's hard to even call it work." One of the most challenging parts of her career is "motivating people to see their own ability; that they can contribute to the world. A lot of folks she works with are in a tough place and might be down-and-out. Jackie boosts clients' morale, explaining that any one of us can be just a step away from being in need of vocational services. She teaches her clients to focus on their abilities, not their disabilities, and helps them realize that they are still capable of contributing to society. This optimistic approach to life combined with her ability to provide caring counsel to those in need has led Jackie to her work in another venue-as a motivational speaker. She has spoken at community youth events and professional seminars across the state, focusing on topics such as branding yourself professionally and "Living without Limits. Her motivational piece is entitled LEAP, an acronym for Live, Empower, Aim, Pursue. Her talks are both captivating and compelling, primarily because she speaks from the heart and is fueled by such an intense drive to help people succeed. Jackie explains that motivational speaking goes hand-in-hand with her ministry work. She and her husband Leon are both ministers, duties which add yet another dimension to their already busy lives. She works daily to balance all her roles. "Were it not for God," Jackie says, she would not be able to do all that she is doing. Service work can be emotionally and physically draining, but she says, "I continually refill my tank by having a relationship with God, keeping our family close and tight, and drawing strength from each other. And, everyone who knows us knows that we love to laugh. While God and family are obviously her primary sustenance, she chinks her life with hobbies such as travelling and cooking Southern cuisine. Having this balance and well roundedness in her life helps to keep her feeling renewed and helps her stay effective in her life of service. Jackie's mother helped to instill the foundation of her positive mental outlook. Her mother taught Jackie how to be optimistic in whatever situation might arise. Jackie goes above and beyond the "making lemonade out of lemons" mentality, taking it one step further-"Do something no one has ever done with it, and do it better. Have a good attitude about it! Forget lemonade. If life gives you lemons, why not make lemon sherbet or lemon chiffon cake? The details surrounding the myriad ways Jackie serves others day in and day out is something that's between her and God. "[My husband and I] don't do a lot of talking about it; we'd rather show you by our actions. We like to be behind the scenes, rather than the forefront," she says. Jackie tries to paint her life in a way that's pleasing to God. She says, "Our everyday life is about ministry. We literally live to serve people. If we had to sum it up, our life mission statement would be: It's all about Jesus. Given the way she is designing her life, Jackie Godlock is undoubtedly on point with her mission. To inquire about Jackie Godlock's motivational speaking services, contact her at leapmotivation@gmail.com

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Godlock talked to the audience about how they should continuously serve others.
SPINDALE - Jackie Godlock said the key to happiness is service during a special Black History Month speech at Isothermal Community College (ICC) on Wednesday. "Communities don't function unless there is service," Godlock said. "Service comes from the heart and is cultivated in the mind." Godlock, who works with the North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and is a member of the ICC board of trustees, was invited to speak by Dr. Johnny Smith, dean of learning support and retention. "I'm very honored and humbled to be here today," Godlock said. "We've set aside this month for black history and I love that. Black history is not only black history, it's our history and God's history." Godlock told the audience that each person has a divine purpose and reason for living. She said that reason is to serve others. "We are not here to put our little world in a box and not reach out. You are here to serve and assist others," Godlock said. "In your service not only to others but to yourself, don't ever quit, don't ever stop. No matter what you do for a living, at the core of what you do is service." Godlock said she learned about serving others from her family. Her mother was a chef for 35 years and her siblings were in the military. She herself has worked for Rutherford Life Services as a business relations specialist and is an ordained minister. "It's not about me it's about what I can do serving other people," Godlock said. "If you've ever been given a second chance, been forgiven or given a smile, if you have received that you are expected to extend that to someone else." Godlock also went on to speak about community service. She said the technical definition is "a long-held tradition of working without pay to assist and for the common good." "Not one person individually can achieve all the community service that is needed. Community service comes from the heart, service is doing things no one else wants to do," Godlock said. "Community service is the right thing to do. Sometimes you have to do what is better for somebody else instead of what is better for yourself." Throughout the speech, Godlock challenged the audience to never stop the process of learning and to make the most of today. She said nobody is guaranteed tomorrow, they are only guaranteed this moment. "You are here not only to make a difference but to be a difference," Godlock said. "You have the ability to make a difference with everyone you meet. The worst thing you can do is live simply for today and for yourself." At the end of her speech, Godlock encouraged the audience to continue serving throughout their lives and to do it with a good attitude. "Remember as you move on, whatever you do, do it with the right heart and attitude and I promise the benefits will be great," Godlock said.

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