Isabelle Van Iseghem

last updated 6/5/2018

Isabelle Van Iseghem

Chief Financial Officer at MediaGeniX

333 Las Olas Way, CU3 suite 316, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

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Nieuws - What does the controller of the future look like? - TriFinance

Luc Dekimpe (MI&S) and Isabelle Van Iseghem (Mediagenix) on the future challenges
Luc Dekimpe (manager MI&S, TriFinance) and Isabelle Van Iseghem (CFO Mediagenix) are duelling about the future of controlling. Isabelle Van Iseghem (Mediagenix): 'Let's get even one step further: what is finance? I see finance as a much broader discipline than just accounting and compliance. Rather, it is adding real added value to business. As such, I see two core elements in controlling: financial controlling, and business controlling. Van Iseghem: 'You are pointing at the difference between reactive and proactive finance.' Van Iseghem: 'Okay, but controlling should go much further than just mere business analysis. Van Iseghem: 'Still, it feels like if you consider the systems to be the kernel of controlling. I look from a helicopter standpoint. Van Iseghem: 'It's not about controlling and checking but about adding value to the business.' Van Iseghem: 'I agree with your view on the evolution, but I do not when saying that the controller should know the systems in detail. Van Iseghem: 'On top of that, there will pop up new challenges. Van Iseghem: 'Big companies will have the possibility to attract different specialists, such as a system specialist.' Isabel Van Iseghem (Mediagenix) and Luc Dekimpe (MI&S-TriFinance) (Photography (c) Thomas De Boever) Van Iseghem: 'Watson is great in predicting trends, based on history. Van Iseghem: 'Finance is evolving at a very slow pace. Van Iseghem: 'I am positive by nature.

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