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Week 9 - 2013 H.S. Football Preview: Michigan City at Crown Point

Elston is the original Michigan City high school, going back to the late 19th Century.
Rogers split from Elston in 1971 and lasted 24 years. Isaac Elston is the person who founded Michigan City in 1840 and sits 40 miles west of South Bend and 50 miles east of Chicago. Elston lost 20 games in a row in the early 1990s and...26 games in a row in the early 1970s.

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The land for this cemetery, approximately one acre, was set aside by the founder of Michigan City, Isaac C. Elston, on the original plat of the town recorded 11 May 1835 in the La Porte County Recorders Office.

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Week 9 - 2009 H.S. Football Preview: Michigan City at Crown Point

FAST FOOTBALL FACT: Michigan City has had only three winning seasons (1995, 2000 and 2005) since the consolidation of Elston and Rogers in 1995 and they have never won more than seven games.
MICHIGAN CITY - This is the second Michigan City high school. The original MCHS split into Elston high and Rogers high in 1971 and those two schools consolidated in 1995. Isaac Elston bought 160 acres of land (for $200) and founded Michigan City in 1830. Michigan City, a town of 32,000, was named for an 1800s pathway around Lake Michigan towards Chicago. High school football was a struggle for them throughout the 20th Century. Michigan City's Rogers Raiders never won more than six football games in any one season in the entire 24-year (1971-1994) existence of the school. Elston was 10-2 in 1984 but the 1984 season was Elston's final winning season ever. In the nine years from 1971 to 1979, Elston was 8-79 in football. They were 0-9 in 1990 and 0-9 in 1991 inside a 21-game losing streak. Elston, the original Michigan City high school (although it was not called that) was 304-400-46 from 1902 to 1984. Mercy.

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