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September 2001 Bites

"The immediate response of the public is heart-warming, but we also need to think long-term," said Ira D. Godwin, MD, FASCP, President of the ASCP."Those who are not eligible today may become eligible in the near future as their condition changes.We will be needing additional blood supplies for the foreseeable future, so we can also use donors next week and next month." Dr. Godwin said those that can give are encouraged to do so as soon as they can.In addition, he hopes donors will get into a regular habit of providing "the gift of life" in the future.Other medical professionals echoed his comments.

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CAP Media Information - Fact Meets Fiction at National Pathology Conference:

"While Ms. Cornwell's writing has been an extraordinary accomplishment, her charitable activities on behalf of literacy and pathology have been truly remarkable," said Ira D. Godwin, MD, FASCP, FCAP, president of the ASCP."She has been very active in charitable causes, including promoting literacy, creating a writing scholarship program at her alma mater, Davidson College, and funding fellowships in forensic pathology and legal medicine through the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia." Perhaps her most significant contribution to date is the role she played in the creation of the Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine, the nation's first institution to train forensic scientists and pathologists.

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AMNews: Jan. 22, 2001. Medicare laboratory payments not up to date, Institute of Medicine report says ... American Medical News

Another positive recommendation in the report calls for a more timely process to incorporate new lab tests into Medicare's benefits, said Ira Godwin, MD, president of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists."It takes a long, long time to have a new test covered by Medicare," Dr. Godwin said.Although access may not be a problem now, it could become one in the future if new technologies can't be added to the program quickly. Some of the IOM report's other recommendations call upon HCFA to: Eliminate the use of ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes as the basis for determining medical necessity of clinical laboratory tests. Retain the program's current policy of not charging beneficiaries co-payments for lab tests.

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