Ingrid Alongi

last updated 3/13/2018

Ingrid A. Alongi

Senior Director - Projects at Cognizant

500 Frank W. Burr Boulevard, Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
HQ Phone:
(201) 801-0233

General Information


Mentor - MergeLane

Member, Team Sprint Events - Master's National Track Championships

Co-Founder and CPO - Quick Left Inc

Mentor - Techstars companies


Master's National Championship titlesMaster's National Track Championships


Advisory Board Member - Colorado Coalition for Gender and IT

Recent News  

Club Team | Naked Women's Racing

Ingrid Alongi

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February 2014 - UGURUS

Ingrid Alongi of Quick Left on Growing Pains and the Benefits of Diversifying Revenue

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Sam Breed of Quick Left on the Journey from Developer to CTO - UGURUS

Sam Co-Founded Quick Left in 2009 with Ingrid Alongi as a service based company focusing on providing excellent service to funded startups.
As of January 28th, Quick Left merged with Sprintly, adding a SaaS management platform product for software development to their service-based business and added two new locations in Portland and San Francisco. After touring us around their green nature inspired office in the center of Boulder, Colorado, just off of Pearl Street, we sat down to talk about how Sam's journey developer to CTO, and how he keeps Quick Left on top of the latest technologies. After about six months of that, we knew Ingrid socially, and Gnip laid off a whole bunch of people. We brought Ingrid onto the team, and from there, it really started changing into less of a couple of guys in a room slamming out websites as fast as we can for not nearly enough money to something where we started hiring people, and we got a bigger office.

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