Imran Afridi

Imran Khan Afridi

President at ANP

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The delegation led by Imran Afridi, ANP president from the tribal areas, was stopped at Tkhta Baig.The ANP central and provincial leadership have condemned the political administration's act. Later the agency administration also stopped another ANP procession at Bara Tehsil of the agency led by Mr Afridi from participating in Bacha Khan's death anniversary celebrations in Peshawar. Speaking to participants, Imran Afridi, Haji Rasool Jan, Anwar Shah Dawar, Zahoor Afridi, Ahmad Din Dawar, Innayatullah Wazir and Fazlki Hameed Dawar, said that the Durand Line was a conspiracy to divide Pakhtuns and they would not accept this line.

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Khyber Agency: The ANP arranged a big demonstration on main Peshawar-Kabul road at Jamrud which was addressed by ANP Khyber Agency President Imran Khan Afridi, Shamsher Haiwad, Haji Rasool Jan, Haji Babu Jan, Malik Yousaf Afridi, Abdul Rahim Khan Advocate, Sher Asghar and Shah Hussain Shinwari.

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Speaking at a gathering of party workers in Bara on Monday, ANP Khyber Agency President Imran Afridi said Fata reforms and transfer of powers to the elected representatives were in accordance with the tribal traditions. He expressed the hope that the reforms would usher in an era of development and progress in the tribal areas.

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