Illac Diaz

last updated 2/21/2018

Illac Angelo Diaz

Global Director at Liter

130 W PLEASANT AVE STE 308, Maywood, New Jersey, United States

General Information


Professor - Build Academy Inc

Partner - Open Online Academy

Graduate Student - MIT


Masters Degree - Public Administration , Harvard Kennedy School

Masters Degree - Social Entrepreneurship , Asian Institute of Management

Masters Degree - Urban Studies and Planning , Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Board Member - The Plastic Bank

Founder - Light and My Shelter Foundation

Founder - Centro­Migrante

Masons Fellow - The Harvard Kennedy Schooland

Humphrey Fellow - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founder - Litre of Light Foundation

Executive Director - MyShelter Foundation

Founder - Khalili

Recent News  

Comments on CSR, Global Post via Xinhua, 19 May 2015 | Nasser Saidi & Associates

This is why the Liter of Light use an open source platform to teach skills in building solar bottle lights using locally available materials so that clean energy from the sun is easily attainable for everyone around the world," said Illac Diaz, founder of Liter of Light upon receiving the award at the Abu Dhabi sustainability week in January earlier this year.

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New world record by the Zayed Future Energy Prize - The Eco Journal

The 'Largest Environmental Sustainability Lesson' was delivered by Illac Angelo Diaz, executive director and founder of Liter of Light.
Mr. Diaz is a social entrepreneur working to empower communities in the Philippines and around the world through several pioneering programs.

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The Liter of Light Initiative | Revolve #19 Spring 2016

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world can attest to the truth in that statement, made by Illac Diaz, the social entrepreneur founder of Liter of Light, under the My Shelter Foundation.
Illac Diaz launched the Liter of Light as a social enterprise in the Philippines in 2011, under the MyShelter Foundation. "The purest form of charity is to make yourself obsolete and through this people's technology, supported by PepsiCo, it shows that empowering the bottom of the pyramid, by putting the power of solar in human hands and multiplying it by hundreds of thousands could be the greatest energy solution of all," says Illac Diaz. Illac Diaz recognized the potential of the enterprise to help people in his home country, the Philippines, and so he launched the initiative as a local entrepreneur business model. According to Diaz, through Liter of Light "we can change the lives of millions of people around the world, who are struggling from one of the greatest challenges - energy poverty. "[Doing this] gives people some kind of normalcy; they can live in their houses during the day, without having to bring the kerosene to the kitchen table," says Diaz. "Illac is an inspiration; he is one man, turning his dream into reality by empowering millions of underprivileged families in some of the world's poorest communities. Liter of Light is the perfect example of what can happen when motivated individuals, with a passion for making society a better place, are given the tools to realize their ambitions while bringing low cost innovative solutions to some of the world's most important challenges," she adds. "This is about teaching people how to convert the sun to light," says Illac Diaz about the PepsiCo initiative in Egypt. People that maybe I have never met, but it still makes the same difference," says Illac.

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