Ilene Procida

Ilene Procida

Therapist-Children, Adolescents, and Families at Ilene Procida, LPC, MS

Ilene Procida, LPC, MS

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Co-Owner - Boca

Therapist - Child Abuse Prevention Services Inc

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Ilene Procida

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CAPS Staff | Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS)

Ilene Procida , LPC
Ilene Procida brings to CAPS over 30 years of counseling experience, specializing in evidence based treatments for child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma. Emphasis is placed on meeting each client where they are in the therapeutic process, to provide compassionate, individualized care with a broad spectrum of modalities: play therapy, cognitive behavioral and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapies, reframing, movement and art therapies. Ilene has completed formal, intensive training in forensic interviewing with the FBI, UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School, University of South Carolina Medical School, and Cornerhouse Interagency Child Abuse Evaluation and Training Center, Minnesota. Ilene, a mother of two teenagers, utilizes humor as highly valued criteria in helping her clients move forward.

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Ilene Procida, a therapist with CAPS who has worked with hundreds of families involved with abuse, said the impact on children can be lifelong, with increased incidences of depression, anxiety, early sexual behavior and higher rates of substance use and abuse.
Recent studies have linked increased digestive disorders in adulthood to early abuse. "And, perhaps most significantly, those who were abused are far more likely to become offenders, thus perpetuating generations of dysfunction and denial," Procida said.

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