Ilana Smith

last updated 6/11/2018

Ilana Smith

Principal Pm Manager at Microsoft Corporation

ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

General Information


Program Manager - Outlook

Product Manager - Customer Relationship Management

Recent News

According to the post's author, Ilana Smith, a lead program manager on the Engineering System team, Microsoft received thousands of comments to three previous posts about Windows 8 file management, summarized them, and then provided today's update on some of the changes we'll see as a result.
These changes will be coming in the Consumer Preview/Beta release of Windows 8, due in late February. "We decided not to have copies automatically resume on wake, as the system environment may have changed significantly in the interim and we do not want to cause an error," Smith writes. Confirmation improvements. "Overlays have limitations - they can only show a single state, add a lot of visual noise, and can be confusing," Smith writes. "The padlock overlay has been removed; this information is conveyed better by the 'Sharing status' column." Pin to Start. In the Developer Preview, there's no way to arbitrarily pin items to the Windows 8 Start screen, as you can do with the Start Menu or taskbar in Windows 7. This is being fixed for the beta. "You can now easily pin your favorite folders to Start, and take advantage of the rich customization functionality that we built into it to arrange the folders into groups and into any order you want," Smith says. "We really appreciate all your feedback on our previous posts," Smith concludes.

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