Ihab Khaldi

Travel Agency Counter Manager at Zenata Voyages

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About Ihab Khaldi

Ihab Khaldi is a Travel Agency Counter Manager at Zenata Voyages based in Remchi, Tlemcen.

Ihab Khaldi Current Workplace

Zenata Voyages, l'art de créer des voyages inoubliables depuis 1984. Notre passion pour l'organisation de voyages va de pair avec notre engagement à vous offrir une expérience exceptionnelle. Fondée sur l'idée de faire découvrir le monde aux Algérien...
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Travel Agency Counter Manager




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May 17 2024
Zenata Voyages has announced it is read more company news

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May 15 2024
Zenata Voyages has partnered with read more company news

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May 9 2024
Zenata Voyages is reportedly in talks to read more company news

Facilities Management

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

May 6 2024
Zenata Voyages is planning to reduce the read more company news

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ihab Khaldi

What company does Ihab Khaldi work for?
Ihab Khaldi works for Zenata Voyages as Travel Agency Counter Manager
What is Ihab Khaldi’s role in Zenata Voyages?
Ihab Khaldi’s role in Zenata Voyages is Travel Agency Counter Manager
What is Ihab Khaldi’s direct phone number?
Ihab Khaldi’s direct phone number is (***) ***-****
What is Ihab Khaldi’s work phone number?
Ihab Khaldi’s headquarters phone number is +213 43437220
Which industry does Ihab Khaldi work in?
Ihab Khaldi works in the industry of Hospitality General, Hospitality.
Who are Ihab Khaldi’s colleagues?
Some of Ihab Khaldi’s colleagues are Anis Midoun.
Who is Ihab Khaldi?

Ihab Khaldi is a Travel Agency Counter Manager at Zenata Voyages based in Remchi, Tlemcen.... Read More

Where is Ihab Khaldi based?
Ihab Khaldi works for Zenata Voyages, located at Algeria
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