Ibrahim Aal-Sheikh

Ibrahim Aal-Sheikh

President of the General Presidency of Islamic Research at Ifta

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Member of the Supreme Council - Islamic University at Al-Madinah

Member of the Supreme Council - Supreme Committee for Islamic Propagation

Riyadh Islamic Law College

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Some of his teachers were Sheikh Muhammad bin 'Abdul-Latif Aal-Sheikh, Sheikh Salih bin 'Abdul-'Aziz Aal-Sahikh and the eminent Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Aal-Sheikh who, in his time, was the Mufti of Saudi Arabia.Sheikh ibn Baz accompanied the eminent Shaikh and learned from him for about ten years.Thus he gained his religious education from the family of Imam Muhammad bin 'Abdul-Wahab.Afterwards Sheikh ibn Baz was appointed as a Justice and he worked for fourteen years in the judiciary until he was deputed to the education faculty.He remained engaged in teaching for nine years at Riyadh Islamic Law College, Riyadh Religious Institute.Then he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Islamic University, Al-Madinah; but shortly afterwards, he was made the Chancellor with all the administrative powers. Later he was appointed President of the General Presidency of Islamic Research, Ifta, Call and Propagation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Presently he is the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia. He is also the President of many Islamic Committees and Councils, the prominent among these are: Senior Scholars Committee of the Kingdom, Permanent Committee for Islamic and Educational Research, the Founding Committee of Muslim World League, World Supreme Council for Mosques, Islamic Jurisprudence Assembly Makkah; and the member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic University at Al-Madinah, and the Supreme Committee for Islamic Propagation. He belongs to the Hanbali School of jurisprudence but his verdicts are based the arguments from Qur'an and Sunnah.

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