Husna Yagoub

Husna Yagoub

Data Assistant at CTA

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Agro-Busness Park 2, Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands

last updated 2/17/2018

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Husna Yagoub
Data Assistant

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Web 2.0 and Social Media Success Stories: New skills and lifelong changes

Husna Yagoub is from Sudan.
She works at CTA as data assistant in the framework of the Knowledge Management & Communication Programme (KMC). Likewise other CTA staff she has been following the Spring 2014 session of the online course "Innovative Collaboration for Development" run by UNITAR and co-funded by CTA. This is the first distance learning course she has ever attended. Confronted with great challenges she has been perseverant and kept telling me that - while doing the course - she gained a lot in terms of self-confidence and that she is going to be much more effective on her work.

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