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Member of the Executive Board and Nominations Committee  - SBC companies

Member, Committee On Nominations  - Southern Baptist Convention Inc

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Rev. Howard Allen, Pastor of South Florence Baptist in Florence, SC 843-669-6496

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South Florence Bapitst Church's Pulpit Committee called Rev. Howard Allen to set up a date to preach.
JE Cox was the chairman and led in the conversation with Rev. Allen and they decided to come to Freedom Baptist Church, Darlington, SC on June 2, 1991 to hear Rev. Allen preach. They met for lunch and discussed coming to South Florence Baptist Church for a call as pastor. Rev. Allen and his family came to South Florence May 30, 1991 and preached, the church voted and gave him a call to be pastor. The journey began with Rev. Allen, Nancy, Adrian, Daniel and Jeffery moving to 2006 Howe Springs Road, Florence, SC. His first sermon was July 24, 1991 with ten people present. Rev. Allen and his family moved from Broad River Baptist Church, Blacksburg, SC. The Church has grown and increased in all area of ministry. There have been 566 precious souls baptized in the last fifteen years at South Florence. Rev. Allen has led the church these last fifteen years to evangelizae the city and communities of Florence, SC. The church has seen 307 additions by letter or statement.

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My Pastor, Howard Allen, is now blogging on a consistent basis...
I have been working on him :-) He is one of the most loving and caring men I have ever met and I am proud that he is a mentor of mine. If you are a member of South Florence Baptist Church and are not already reading his blog... you should be. Here are the three easy ways to stay up with his blog. My favorite way to keep up with blogs (Howard's, too), it to us an RSS Reader

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