Horst Dresler

last updated 3/7/2017

Horst Dresler

Owner, Production Manager at Anything Printed LLC

2490 East Woodstock Road, Woodstock, Vermont, United States
HQ Phone:
(802) 457-3414

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Owner - Anything Printed LLC

Commander - Ruiter's Company


Secretary - The British Brigade Inc

Secretary Captain - B RIGADE

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Horst Dresler
Owner Production Manager

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Horst Dresler, owner of Anything Printed in Woodstock, said signage is about 25 percent of his business.
Most of the signs he does are real estate signs or 18-by-24 campaign signs that have a quick turnaround. "We do a lot of truck lettering as well," Dresler said. He said contractors usually change their truck signs every two to three years, often due to replacing the truck or another business-related reason. "That's repeat business, and that's what every business is looking for," Dresler said. Dresler has owned Anything Printed for 15 years, and prior to having his business in Woodstock, he ran a sign shop in Quebec for five years. He said the flow of his sign work varies a lot. "We're definitely going into a busy quarter at this time of the year, more on the printing end than on the sign end," Dresler said. "With signs, you never know when they're going to come in. It's that variable." Dresler said the last wooden sign he made was about 10 years ago. Although materials depend on what the client needs, most of the materials he uses now are recycled plastic. This plastic creates a smooth surface that vinyl bonds to very well. "It lasts two to five years, depending on which vinyl you're using," Dresler said.

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Horst Dresler

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