Holly Fenton

last updated 2/23/2018

Holly Fenton

Director at FH Insights

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
FH Insights

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Marketing Manager - Union Square Software Ltd

Advanced Trainer - DISC Model of Human Behaviour

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This is not a back to front representation of Holly Fenton!
Originally FH Insights was started by Holly and her friend Harriet. Their initials were HF and HH so FH was the only combination of our initials that wasn't one of our actual initials! Since the formation in 2011 Harriet has left the business and Holly has continued to run the business. The idea for FH Insights came from our exposure to business in the middle east and recognising the challenges that people faced with working with different cultures, working styles and personalities. We had both been exposed to personality profiling in the past and saw its potential to help improve relationships, sales and management skills. From that idea FH Insights was formed. Since then the business and offering has grown to cover a wide range of business skills training and coaching. Holly continues to run the business and brings passion, energy and experience to her clients and the training room. Holly becomes certified in Emotional Intelligence training - EQi 2.0 and EQi 360. Holly becomes StrengthsFinder certified and builds a team of StrengthsFinder professionals. Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai September 2017 Holly becomes certified as a results orientated business coach. Holly Fenton Holly conducted training program on Emotional Intelligence at Burj Al Arab which was delivered in a very effective way! Definitely recommend! The input and feedback from Holly was invaluable in assisting us in the selection of the correct personnel. Holly Fenton has exceptional breadth and depth of marketing and business experience. Her strength and passion is helping businesses and professionals to become the "Industry leader". Her training program which I have attended provides tools and resources that can be immediately implemented for immediate impact. I personally could see the changes in a positive way as I implement it in my daily working life after attending the training program. Sakthialingam Selvaretnam , Regional Business Development Manager East & Africa, ABB Holly brings plenty of original material to the table with FH Insight's set of soft skills training programs. These programs are conducted in a very friendly and interactive classroom environment, that is guaranteed to keep you engaged. I have had the pleasure of attending three courses with Holly, and would totally recommend these courses to every individual who seeks to improve the quality of his/her skills. Our company organised a three day training programme on strategy and implementation conducted by Ms. Fenton and I must say that I found the training immensely rewarding. As far as Ms. Fenton's knowledge on the subject is concerned, her ability to make it simple to understand for everyone who attended was remarkable. I must appreciate her ability to involve each and every participant right from the word 'Go' and her ability to bring out the spontaneous reaction from every participant. I found that she is indeed a great coach and motivator and her programmes are really assets to invest in." I participated in two training's where Holly was the Trainer. Each Training duration was two days, so quite intense. During both training's I felt that the expectations and objects of all participants were well satisfied. Holly is having a good attitude to get everyone involved and transferring the topics as interesting as possible. I really can recommend the Training which FH-Insights is offering. I have attended 2 days of DISC training delivered by Holly in May 2015. My colleagues and I have found Holly to be an excellent facilitator. She was able to communicate the content of the workshop very clearly, and the practical exercises she included in the workshop made the ideas stick.

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Personality Insights | Sales Training

Holly Fenton, Director of FH Insights has trained with Mitch and is the only certified trainer for this programme in the Middle East.

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About FH Insights | fh insights

Lead Trainer, Holly Fenton is an Advanced Trainer for the DISC Model of Human Behaviour.

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