Herman Aaftink

Herman J. Aaftink

Founder - Director at The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre

The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre

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Doctor of Divinity

degrees of Bachelor of Metaphysics


Treasurer - International New Thought Alliance

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Science of Wisdom Newsletter for May 18, 2014

Dr. Herman Jan Aaftink
Founder - Director of Life Enrichment Centre Calgary, Alberta. Canada President of Quimby Foundation Herman was born and raised in the Netherlands and as a child lived there during WWII under 5 years of Nazi occupation. He witnessed a great deal of human suffering. His life was spared when a large bomb fell in the family back yard but it did not explode. Under these horrendous conditions he began to search for answers to the great questions of life, such as: How can we reconcile the horrors of war with the will of God? He had a solid background in the Protestant faith and knowledge of the Bible, however, traditional answers were not satisfactory so he began researching existentialist authors such as Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre and Karl Jaspers and also the great ancient philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus. Dr. Herman J. Aaftink After the war he was one of the first exchange students to go to Germany to seek understanding and reconciliation. Along the way he finished school, started his higher education in accounting and got drafted into the Dutch military service, fortunately not being sent to the Korean War as the 1953 armistice was then signed. Herman was employed in the Dutch Army's liaison office for NATO in the Hague. On completion of his military service he decided to immigrate to Canada because Canadians had liberated his country and he was looking for new opportunities in a land of freedom and greatness. After coming to Canada he worked in accounting and foreign exchange at a bank and later as an office and credit manager in retail and wholesale as well as a cost accountant, purchasing agent and comptroller. These jobs took him from Victoria to Montreal and then to Calgary. While doing all this he took the Dale Carnegie course in public speaking and then became a director of the program. Herman was enrolled in the Ministerial education programs of the United Church of Canada, The Churches of the Truth and the International Association of Religious Science Churches and earned the degrees of Bachelor of Metaphysics and Doctor of Divinity. Herman was also active in civic affairs and worked closely with the awesome Ralph Klein, then mayor of Calgary, later Premier of Alberta, on improving social conditions. Herman initiated the honoring of Canadian Diplomat Ken Taylor for his efforts to release the American hostages in Iran. Dr. Herman J. Aaftink and the Calgary Life Enrichment Centre of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, have reached the forty-five year milestone of serving Calgarians and beyond. Along with Dr. Ervin Seale, Herman co-founded the Quimby Memorial Church and Foundation in the United States. In his role as contributing editor to Seale's 1988 publication, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: The Complete Writings, Herman and his staff at the Calgary Life Enrichment Centre were responsible for much of the transcription work of converting the handwritten Quimby documents into typewritten texts. Congratulations to Dr. Aaftink and the Calgary Life Enrichment Centre for forty-five years of service!

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Calgary Life Enrichment Centre - Dr. Herman Aaftink

Dr. Aaftink
The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre is an activity of QUIMBY FOUNDATION and features Dr. Herman J. Aaftink in weekly, live, public lectures at the historic Fairmont Palliser Hotel, downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Learn more about Dr. Herman J. Aaftink.

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