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A geometrical ensemble to generate the squaring of the circle by Helmut Sander for the NNJ vol 2 no 1 January 2000

Engineer Helmut Sander reflects on the impossibility of squaring the circle and the irrational number pi, and provides a geometric construction that approximates the operation. Helmut SanderDr. Helmut Sander received his diploma in 1938, and studied architecture from 1938 to 1945 at the TH Hannover.He is the technical director of the state building authorities and the University of Kassell, especially for the preservation of historic monuments.He worked in particular on the "Herkules Monument" in Kassel-Wilhelmshoehe.This building was the subject of his doctoral thesis at the University of Berlin in 1981 (ISBN 3-87816-037-2).He has studied the theory of numbers and geometry since 1948.He has published 25 papers concerning Pythagorean theories in scientific periodicals.

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