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last updated 2/27/2018

Harun Rashid


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HARUN RASHID FOUNDER Harun Rashid is an entrepreneur and investor. In just a decade, he created the multi-million dollar Islamic Design House with a 70+ strong team of creative individuals and offices spanning the globe, Harun has an eye for talent. Having had a similar vision for an entrepreneurial Muslim community, his background, experience and knowledge were a perfect fit to be a founding member of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network.

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Haroon then quickly spearheaded the entrepreneurship and wealth generation space and partnered with leading entrepreneurs Com Mirza and Harun Rashid to form the Muslim Entrepreneur Network.
Harun too, im not sure if he deals with what you are trying to do, but it may be worth a try, if you see fit to do so.

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Muslim Entrepreneur Network on Scams - Muslim Entrepreneur Network

And this was the compelling and collective force that brought together four like minded people, the two Haroon's and the two Mirza's: Harun Rashid, Haroon Qureshi, Rocky Mirza and Com Mirza.

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