Gus Schram

Gus W. Schram

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Jack Lawton , LLC

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Director  - McElroy, Quirk and Burch, CPAs


Executive Board Member  - Coastal Conservation Association

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Gus Schram, executive vice president of both the Walnut Grove and Jack Lawton groups, said the subdivision will be a "traditional neighborhood development," with homes, business, retail, office space and park areas.
He said the property includes about 44 acres of developable land and 14 acres of marshland. Schram said the first phase of development involves about 10 acres, which will accommodate 37 homes, 6 "live-work" units, 11 commercial buildings and 3 park areas. Crews began work on roads and utilities about a year ago, Schram said. After the infrastructure is completed this fall, he said, developers will begin to bring in local businesses. "We're (already) talking to people on working with those prospects," Schram said. "It takes time for businesses to make those decisions." Schram said the design and style of the development will include "authentic Louisiana Creole architectures and landscaping." "At the end of this, we want it to look and feel like it's always been there," he said. "We're trying to stay true to Louisiana designs." Schram said he will meet with potential home buyers and local builders to design the subdivision's homes. Schram said the name came from a popular outdoor spot once known as Walnut Grove.

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"He made a lot of donations to many organizations, but he really never wanted to make a big splash of it," said Gus Schram, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Jack Lawton LLC.
"His first love was the ranch, and he did that basically his entire life," said Schram, "But he was also involved in banking. Schram said that he then turned the businesses over to his son and focused on his ranch. "He was one of the founders of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of Louisiana, which mostly focuses on issues in the state," said Schram. "And he was also one of the founders and a major supporter of the Center for Coastal Conservation, which targets federal level fishery issues." Today, the CCA of Louisiana has around 20,000 members across the state. "It is tremendous legacy," said Schram.

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Gus Schram and Rebel Caplinger inducted into Hall of Fame
Both inductees were early marine conservation leaders in Louisiana Gus Schram and Rebel Caplinger were inducted into the CCA Louisiana Hall of Fame at the organization's State Convention in Baton Rouge on Feb. 18th. Schram and Caplinger became the 10th and 11th inductees into the CCA Louisiana Hall of Fame, which recognizes individuals who have performed outstanding service for marine conservation. Caplinger is the first woman elected to the Hall of Fame. Schram, of Lake Charles, CCA Louisiana's current state president, was one of a handful of concerned anglers who helped form the organization's first chapter in Lake Charles in 1984. Lake Charles also served for a period as state headquarters for the Gulf Coast Conservation Association, as CCA was called then. The headquarters was eventually moved to Baton Rouge as the organization grew to include chapters in most regions of Louisiana. Schram, a CPA and executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Jack Lawton Companies, said few people in Louisiana had even heard of GCCA when he and a group of concerned conservationists met to organize the state's first chapter. "I was a fisherman who observed the excessive commercial catches of large breeding stock redfish and speckled trout," Schram recalled. "When I heard the GCCA story, it immediately caught my attention as the way to invest my time to make an important difference so that my kids and grandkids could enjoy saltwater fishing as I have." Prior to becoming state president, Schram served in a number of positions in CCA, including treasurer for 16 years and as a member of the state Board of Directors, state Executive Committee and chairman of the National Management Committee. Gus Schram and Rebel Caplinger inducted into Hall of Fame

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