Greg Rice

Greg Rice

Special Agent at Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
HQ Phone:
(202) 324-3000

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Special Agent Greg Rice asked questions and scribbled notes as the woman on the phone detailed why she thought she was being scammed.
Did she have records, receipts, account numbers? Was she still on good terms with the suspected scammer? From the moment he picked up the phone in the Bozeman Resident Agency, Rice was laying the groundwork for a potential case. A day earlier, he took two similar calls. "A lot of my time is dedicated to working fraud," says Rice, who was an agent in Las Vegas for eight years before moving to Bozeman six years ago. "We don't take everything that comes in the door. But there's a lot to choose from." In resident agencies, which are slimmed-down satellites of the Bureau's 56 field offices, case agents are the face of the FBI for local police departments, community leaders, and the public. In the smaller offices like Rice's in Bozeman-an affluent college town surrounded by farms, ranches, and retired millionaires-agents field complaints of all stripes and vet which ones cross the threshold for federal involvement. One such case, an Internet fraud scam in 2009 that reached victims as far afield as Florida and Texas, illustrates how complaints like the phone calls Rice picked up in early July can bloom into full-blown investigations. In that case, a woman in Florida called Rice to report that she sent $225,000 to a Bozeman man who claimed he had a stockpile of unrefined gold and was looking for investors to finance refineries. He promised big returns. When that didn't materialize, the investor got suspicious. "She became angry over the investment and called us," Rice says. When he followed the money and confirmed their suspect, Carl Estep, wasn't putting his investors' money where he'd promised, Rice set up a sting. Only this time, he would play the patsy. Working with a female FBI agent from the Billings resident agency, Rice staged a ruse to pose as husband-and-wife investors who wanted a piece of Estep's venture. "We came off the plane,we met him, and we sat down in the coffee shop," Rice says. "It was the exact same pattern as what he did with these other people," Rice says. "It's not a small world for us anymore," says Rice, an Idaho native, describing how even this once-remote area is no longer so, due in part to the Internet.

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Montana's Yellowstone Club Founder Subject of Criminal Probe

Her attorney said the FBI agent, Greg Rice, had asked her not to discuss it.

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PureWest - Yellowstone Club

Her attorney said the FBI agent, Greg Rice, had asked her not to discuss it. Another Edra Blixseth assistant, former office manager Jory Russell, has hired a Bozeman criminal defense attorney to represent him.

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