Gordon Wardell

last updated 11/9/2017

Gordon I. Wardell

Director, Pollination Operations at Paramount Farms

11444 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(310) 966-5700

General Information


Director, Pollination Operations - Roll International Corporation

President - South Valley Bee Club

Developer - Megabee

Research and Development - US Department of Agriculture

Entomologist - federal Carl Hayden Bee Research Center

Member, Faculty - University of Maryland


B.S. - Biology , Alma College

Ph.D. - entomology , Michigan State University

degree - biology , Alma College

masters - biology and plant ecology , Western Kentucky University


Advisor - S.A.F.E. R&D, LLC

Recent News  

'Tech teams' evaluate beehives for resilience

Gordon Wardell, bee biologist for Paramount Farming Co., said some beekeepers are reporting bee losses between 40 percent and 60 percent.
In general, beekeepers say rental prices have risen this year to the $170-185 range, or $10-15 more than rental prices seen last year. Wardell serves as board chairman for Project Apis m., a nonprofit organization dedicated to honeybee research, and called efforts to bring nearly 2 million pollination-strength colonies into California for the almond bloom "a testament to the proficiency and tenacity of our nation's commercial beekeepers."

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2015 Fall Meeting - Colorado Professional Beekeeping Association

Gordon Wardell, renowned bee biologist, Chief of Apiary Operations, Paramount Farming, PAm Board Chairman, Developer of MegaBee and beekeeping experience for over 30 years.

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Past Events 2017

10:30-11:45 am - Dr. Gordon Wardell - presentation
Dr. Gordon Wardell Bee biologist and Director of Pollination Operations for Wonderful Orchards Company and President of the South Valley Bee Club in California. Gordon has been a professional apiculturist for over 30 years and has worked with bees on three continents. Gordy invented MegaBee, the honey bee nutritional supplement for pollen patties, developed from years of research in the area of Varroa mite control, honey bee nutrition, fire ant monitoring, and small-hive beetle. In addition, he has authored numerous scientific publications on honey bees.

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