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Gordon F. Deane

Commercial Litigation Partner at Balfour+Manson LLP

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56-66 Frederick, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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+44 131 200 1200

last updated 10/6/2017

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Contributor - The Scotsman

Partner - Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

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U-Turn in Fixed Rate Tailored Business Loan Mis-selling Case

Gordon Deane, of Balfour & Manson, is the lawyer representing Mr Glare.
He commented: "The bank has admitted that John Glare should not have been sold a 25-year loan and that the loan was in breach of their own internal standards. This is a significant U-turn on the part of CB." There have been up to 60,000 Fixed Rate TBLs sold by banks that have escaped the regulatory review of interest rate hedging products mis-selling by the Financial Conduct Authority, despite bearing characteristics that are identical to interest rate hedging products. This has forced many small businesses to lodge claims with the Financial Ombudsman Service (the FOS) or pursue a legal action against the bank. Mr Deane explained that the bank had been faced with "a number of difficult issues" including how it quantified the break costs faced by Mr Glare when his Fixed Rate TBL was terminated. "In his summons, Mr Glare had argued that these break costs were not recoverable. CB could not demonstrate a direct link between the termination of the TBL and any alleged 'break' in a corresponding hedging instrument." Mr Glare had also raised a claim under Section 140B of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to the effect that the relationship between himself and the bank was "unfair". Mr Deane said: "In conceding that the loan was mis-sold, CB have acknowledged that Mr Glare has a right to pursue a claim under the 1974 Act. This Act gives a court a wide discretion to compensate any customer in an 'unfair relationship'. According to Mr Deane, there appears to be "currently no judicial decision" in this area.

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Gordon Deane
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Edinburgh based Russian artist Maria Rud wins 2 year Swiss legal battle - Balfour+Manson

Gordon Deane, partner at Balfour+Manson alongside Swiss firm, Hirsch Kobel, a specialist litigation firm in Geneva commenced proceedings on behalf of Ms Rud and Mr Allinson to seek recovery of the paintings and sculptures.
Gordon Deane commented, "Under Swiss law, in certain circumstances, property can be seized by a landlord in order to satisfy unpaid rent. However, in this case, we successfully challenged the landlord who subsequently decided not to pursue any claim in respect of the artworks." Maria Rud who is now free to transfer the artworks to a public exhibition that is due to take place in Switzerland in early 2015 said, "I am delighted with the final outcome, Gordon and the team in Switzerland have successfully resolved a very difficult and stressful situation which could have dragged on for many months preventing me from continuing with my other planned shows in Switzerland.

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