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Last Updated 8/24/2010

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Glenda McCormick, owner of Victor Valley Personnel Services in Victorville, said she's seen a slowdown.
Still, she said her employment agency is placing workers, particularly in utilities and medical jobs, she said. For most looking for employment, this is no time to get picky, McCormick said Friday by phone. "Take anything you can get," she said.

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Victor Valley Personnel Services owner, Glenda McCormick, says the older worker staying longer is not all that new and a couple of factors contribute to the older worker staying around longer.
"Americans are not the best at planning for retirement and in many cases when it rolls around older workers don't have the means," McCormick said. "The other thing is, they don't want to retire." She pointed out that the older generation is healthier and more energetic than previous generations at retirement age and they're not ready to pack it in just yet. The study pointed out that some boomers are finding that retirement can cause depression, loneliness and a feeling of not being part of the real world anymore. "Older workers may have left their life long career but may work at smaller paying jobs for something to supplement any retirement income and are in competition with younger workers," McCormick said. "The older worker will probably get hired over the younger because they tend to think more and the older worker is better educated." Both Lovingood and McCormick said that employers tell them many younger workers are not as dependable and may not have the work ethics of an older worker. McCormick pointed out the younger worker can't seem to get by without a computer to look for all the answers. "The older worker will use his mind more and think about something for an answer," McCormick said.

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Claim filed against MWA director

The $40 an hour fee, while it may seem exorbitant, is a reasonable fee for a transcriber, said Glenda McCormick, owner of Victor Valley Personnel Services.

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