Gennady Seleznyov

General Information


Chairman - Duma

Speaker of the House - Communist Party

Chairman - State Duma

Communist Party Member and the Editor - Pravda

Editor In Chief - Pravda

Chairman - Third State Duma of the Russian Federation

President - Russian State Duma

Chairman - Russian State Duma

Same Post - Russian State Duma

Editor In Chief - Komsomolskaya Pravda


Member - Communist Party

Member - Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Recent News

A few months later, the then-editor Gennady Seleznyov (now a member of the Duma) sold Pravda to a family of Greekentrepreneurs, the Yannikoses.

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The Russia Journal Daily::Russian News Ticker - [23-12-2002]

Seleznyov pointed out that the Russian government had previously stated selling only those companies, which worked inefficiently and where the change of an owner could lead to efficient management. However, the mentioned figures testify to the fact that Slavneft's financial and economic activities were "wonderful", Seleznyov stressed."The state sold it too cheap ignoring the opinion of the Audit Chamber; the auction was conducted in haste.This is the most ridiculous political and economic performance", the State Duma Speaker stated. /RosBusinessConsulting/ According to State Duma Chairman Gennady Seleznyov, a concrete date will be specified at the first meeting of the Duma Council after winter parliamentary vacations."We have not reached a compromise regarding several government amendments" so far, the Speaker of the lower house stressed. At the same time, Chairman of the Duma Regulations Committee Oleg Kovalyov, the Yedinstvo (Unity) faction, reported to journalists that a preliminary discussion of the packet was planned for January 22, 2003. /RosBusinessConsulting/ TOP

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Perhaps Today May/June, 1996 The Russian Bear is Back!

Meanwhile, the Duma, parliament's lower house, chose as its new speaker Gennady Seleznyov, a Communist Party member and the former editor of the Soviet propaganda tool Pravda.

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