Gene Steiner

Gene Steiner

Medical Director at Natren Inc

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3105 WILLOW LANE, Westlake Village, California, United States
Natren Inc
HQ Phone:
(805) 371-4737

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Host  - Healthy advice Dr Gene


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Medical Director-Natren, Inc.  - CRN Digital Talk Radio

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If you would like, I can set up a time for our resident physician, Dr. Gene Steiner, to discuss the matter with you further.
We also have professional materials for your doctor if he or she is interested! Thanks again!

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We went to Natren's resident physician, Dr. Gene Steiner, for the answer.

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I have checked with our Medical Director, Dr. Gene Steiner, on this reply.
According to him, it should be absolutely fine for you to talk Healthy Tummy along with your normal meals. He also says that you should be eating 5-6 small meals a day with a protein, fat, and healthy carbohydrate at EVERY MEAL to help stabilize your blood sugar.

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