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The 3 hosts of the show are Gene Giello, Paul J. Solari and Kevin Midgette.The 3 hosts of the show are Gene Giello, Paul J. Solari and Kevin Midgette.It's easy to join in the FUN an Games every Friday Night when you listen to: Gene, Paul and Kevin Gene Giello - Producer HostLloyd Vance, Kevin Midgette, Gene GielloGene Giello - Host of Sports Chatter on Philly's SportsRadio950 WPEN 950AM Check out: for more SC info and Band Wagon pictures. First and foremost the Sports Chatter Guys - Gene Giello, Paul J. Solari and Kevin Midgette want to thank the Daily News and Stan Hochman, the Director of Phillies Group Ticket Sales, Kathy Killian and Blake Summerfield, but most of all the Phillies Fans who joined us at Citizens Bank Park on Band Wagon Night Wednesday May 30, 2007.Paul, Kevin, Gene, Doc with Stan Hochman at Citizens Bank Park for Band Wagon Night May 30, 2007 when 162 people showed up for the game.2/1/07 Gene - We had DelCo Daily Times Eagle's beat writer Bob Grotz on the show 1/19/07 discussing Andy Reid's calling off of the Donovan McNaab press conference and Wilma's comments on her blog about if the Eagles had gone to the SB and won it how it would have been a "bittersweet" victory for her because then the Eagles fans would be all over her son next year.1/16/07 - Gene - It wasn't enough that the Eagles lost last Saturday night to New Orleans 27-24 but if you listened closely you could hear the Saints fans yelling "DEUCE" and "REG-GIE!REG-GIE!"and Gene GielloGene Giello asked Harry about the Pat Gillick moves, in particular the trade for ChiSox pitcher Freddie Garcia for RHP Gavin Floyd and LHP Gio Gonzalez, who the Phils had acquired in the Jim Thome deal last year. On Wednesday November 8, 2006 the Sports Chatter guys Gene Giello and Paul J. Solari as well as many other media were invited to a private screening of Phrustrated Phan Films "The Curse of William Penn" at The Ugly Moose, 443 Shurs Lane, in the Manyunk section of Philadelphia.

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APRIL 2006 - Recent info on Gene Giello: Nationwide Champion Conference Qualifiers 2006 - Luncheon - Presidential Caterers - Blue Bell, PASports Chatter - Gene Giello - WPEN PhiladelphiaThe 3 hosts of the show are Gene Giello, Paul J. Solari and Kevin Midgette.Recent info on Gene Giello:Gene recently received the Nationwide Ins Co Champion Award for Sales in 2005. Gene and Loretta Giello will attend the Champion Conference at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas June 29th Through July 3rd 2006

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The 3 hosts of the show are Gene Giello, Paul J. Solari and Kevin Midgette.Gene J. GielloPhilly's SportsRadio950 WPEN - Philadelphia -Producer and Host of Sports Chatter.Search for Giello -Writer.

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