Gaston Foote

Pastor Emeritus at First Methodist Church

First Methodist Church
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Last Updated 8/26/2008

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Pastor  - First United Methodist Church

Pastor  - FUMC Fort Worth

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Dr. Gaston Foote, pastor emeritus of the First Methodist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, tells how proud he was the fist day his dad let him go to the field to plow.Foote had finished the eighth grade and he felt he was old enough to handle a plow.He nagged his dad until his dad finally rigged up an old mule and sent young Gaston into the field with his brothers.However, the day was more than young Foote bargained for.Shortly after lunch the sand of the field was so hot that Foote's bare feet were blistered.By mid-afternoon, the hot, boiling sun had taken its toll, he was so tired that he tied the lines around his waist and let the old mule do the rest.When Foote stopped plowing, his father looked at the sun and told him there was still time to do plenty of plowing.And it was there, under the hot sun that Foote learned an unforgettable lesson.Putting his hand on his son's shoulder, Mr. Foote said to the boy, "It's not sundown yet, son.

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As Gaston Foote, the former pastor of First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth, used to say, we never break God's laws; we break ourselves on them.

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Gaston Foote was the pastor of FUMC Fort Worth for many years.During his time there, he wrote articles for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.Some of those articles were published in a book called Footnotes: Sidewalk Sermonettes for Saints and Sinners.In this little book, Dr. Foote speaks of Peter's reaction to Jesus' shocking news.Dr. Foote wrote, "Peter could see only the tragedies of the crucifixion, not the redemption through the Cross."He goes on to write of those who when asked to teach a Sunday school can see only the "irksome task" of preparation week after week.They cannot see the "process of redemption in the life of a child."But then Gaston Foote writes, "We forget that the church that will not bleed cannot bless,

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