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Garry L. Anselmo

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of Silverado Green Fuel Inc and Chief Executive Officer of Silverado Green Fuel Inc at Silverado Senior Living Inc

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6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 200, Irvine, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(949) 240-7200

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geology and geochemistry , University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Arts degreeSimon Fraser University


Member - Alaska Miners Association

Chairman of Board of Directors -

Board Member - Mineweb

Founder - Tri-Con Mining Ltd.

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Alaska's Largest Gold Nuggets & Gold Specimens

Found on Mary's Bench (Nolan Creek) near Wiseman, Alaska in 1994 by Silverado Gold Mines Ltd . This nugget was sold to a collector in 2000 for $50,000.00, according to Garry Anselmo, head of Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.

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Drawing the ire of white-collar criminals - Western Alumni

The company's founder, president and chairman, Garry Anselmo, boasts that he doesn't take a cent of salary from Silverado, which is technically true, but quite misleading.
As disclosed in the company's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, he has earned millions of dollars from Silverado through his private B.C. company, Tri-Con Mining Ltd., and two related U.S. companies. Here's how it works: Silverado leases spacious offices on the 11th floor of the Terasen Gas building at 1111 West Georgia for about $125,000 per year. None of the employees, including Anselmo, work for Silverado. They all work for Tri-Con, which is owned by Anselmo. The bottom line is that Tri-Con, which is owned by Anselmo, has earned about $400,000 annually in mark-up for the past 14 years, courtesy of Silverado shareholders. Pretty handsome remuneration for a five-cent company. Tri-Con also leases, for Anselmo and his wife, a Cadillac SRX and two Corvettes. Each are worth about $100,000. I wanted to ask Mungal and Anselmo whether the lease costs are passed through to Silverado, but they made it clear they are not willing to talk to me. The board consists of Anselmo, 64; Stuart McCullough, 72, a retired Canada Safeway district manager; and James Dixon, a senior partner with the Vancouver law firm Shandro Dixon Edgson. "Welcome to the 36th annual general meeting of Silverado Gold Mines," company chairman, president, chief executive officer and chief financial officer Garry Anselmo told a rag-tag assemblage of three shareholders and sundry employees at the Best Western Capilano Inn & Suites on Tuesday. Anselmo tried to toss off this fiduciary holiday as an "oversight," as though you could forget to hold an AGM four years in a row. "Restraint" is not a word one would normally associate with Anselmo, who has a penchant for Corvettes, gold nugget jewelry, fine food, bluster and hyperbole. Despite the commission's handcuffs, Anselmo couldn't quite control his promotional reflexes. He told the meeting that "everything on the property is big" -- big gold nuggets, big quartz crystals, and antimony veins over a foot thick. He delivered all this in a low-key professorial manner, giving him an aura of authority that the company's track record does not support. Another shareholder asked him about the company's proposed coal-water "green-fuel" project in Mississippi. Anselmo, again adopting a restrained manner, said it is not clear whether the coal supply in that state is suitable for coal water, so pending further tests, the project is on hold. What a contrast. Until May, Anselmo had been feverishly touting the project. After the commission stepped in, however, he was forced to admit the project had fallen apart. But once again, he had difficulty controlling his promotional impulses. He droned on at length about the viability of the technology, how the company would be able to produce coal water for the equivalent of $20 per barrel of oil. This prompted the company's lawyer, Winston Yee, who had parked himself beside Anselmo at the head table, to interject that these figures were based on models, not real life. The same shareholder asked Anselmo why, considering all his "grand plans," Silverado stock is trading at only a penny. (The stock is quoted on the dreadful OTC Bulletin Board in the United States.) Anselmo dug deep into his bag of excuses and pulled out two Howe Street favorites. "The same reason the American economy is on its knees," he said. A widespread economic bust is a handy excuse that comes around every few years and gives promoters the opportunity to reset the clock. In most cases, however, their companies are already messes, as Silverado certainly is. For his second excuse, Anselmo cited illegal short-selling. During the past 15 years, Anselmo -- through Tri-Con -- has earned an average of $425,000 annually, courtesy of Silverado shareholders. Anselmo had 35 years of experience and was "well-versed" in exploration costs in Alaska. "As a director, I am entitled to rely on the expertise of management," he said. I was floored by this response. Dixon's obligation as an independent director is to ensure the conflict is properly managed, not defer to the person who is in the middle of it. At that point, Anselmo whispered something. Then Dixon said Anselmo had reminded him that KPMG, the company's previous auditor, had previously reviewed Tri-Con's charges. (The implication was that KPMG had approved them.) I asked Anselmo whether he had any documentary evidence to support what he was saying. "I'm not prepared to provide any," he said. So what we have here is the perfect storm: Massive and continuing company losses, a stock price that is barely registering, and a principal officer and director who is getting rich at the expense of shareholders. Anselmo was not about to muse over this unholy trinity: "This meeting is closed," he declared, cutting me off in mid-sentence.

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Jane Shaab, Executive Director of University of Maryland BioPark, "University-Associated Research Park Accelerating Biotech Commercialization & Economic Development" at the BioMaryland Booth in BIO International Convention 2012 Garry Anselmo, CEO Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.

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