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Attorney  - Israel


degrees  - sociology , art history and in law , native , 


Legal Advisor  - Public Committee

Member of the Executive  - Meretz USA

Legal Advisor  - PCATI

Legal Advisor  - Judea

Founder  - Social Forum

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In association with Attorney Gaby Lasky, MCW monitors litigation in the military courts, the Military Appeals Court and the Supreme Court.
Lawyer: Gaby Lasky, Gaby Lasky & Partners Date: 9 January 2012 Issue: Admissibility of improperly obtained evidence Background:- On 23 January 2011, a 14-year-old Palestinian boy (A.T.) was arrested at night by Israeli soldiers from his home in the village of An Nabi Saleh, in the West Bank. A.T. reported that his arrest was violent and threatening. Issue:- A.T.'s lawyer, Gaby Lasky, brought an interlocutory application to challenge the admissibility of the statements made during interrogation on the grounds they were not free and voluntary, as required under Israeli military law. Accordingly, Lasky argued that statements made by A.T. during interrogation were not admissible as evidence because: A.T. was violently arrested at night, intimidated and held in poor conditions; He was interrogated whilst sleep deprived; He was prevented from consulting with his lawyer; He was interrogated in the absence of a parent; He was not properly informed of his right to silence; and Only one out of four interrogators was trained as a youth interrogator.

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According to the Israeli lawyer Gaby Lasky, who represents many of popular struggle leaders in Bilin, Abu Rahma is the latest example of Israeli military efforts to completely repress any popular unarmed resistance to Israel's occupation and separation wall.

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"In a military court, you have to know that you're not looking for justice," says Gabi Lasky, an Israeli lawyer who has represented many children.
In the case of Islam, the boy in the video, his lawyer, Ms Lasky, believes the video provides the first hard proof of serious irregularities in interrogation. In particular, the interrogator failed to inform Islam of his right to remain silent, even as his lawyer begged to no avail to see him. Instead, the interrogator urged Islam to tell him and his colleagues everything, hinting that if he did so, he would be released. One interrogator suggestively smacked a balled fist into the palm of his hand. By the end of the interrogation Islam, breaking down in sobs, has succumbed to his interrogators, appearing to give them what they want to hear. Shown a page of photographs, his hand moves dully over it, identifying men from his village, all of whom will be arrested for protesting. Ms Lasky hopes this footage will change the way children are treated in the occupied territories, in particular, getting them to incriminate others, which lawyers claim is the primary aim of interrogations.

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