Gabriel Paloma

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Pottery Instructor  - Zuni High School

Teacher  - Zuni High School

Teacher  - Zuni High

Pueblo Pottery Maine Gallery

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Original paintings by Phil Hughte, Ulysses Mahkee, Troy Natachu, Gabriel Paloma (A Pottery Instructor at Zuni High School), Adrian Soseeah and Clarence Pendergast (original builder of this building) adorn the walls.

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Original paintings by Zuni artists Gabriel Paloma (now a Pottery Instructor at Zuni High School), Adrian Soseeah, Reynold Banteah, and Narren Bowannie adorn the walls.

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Pueblo Pottery Maine presents both traditional and contemporary pottery by several Zuni potters including Noreen Simplicio, Randy Nahohai, Gabriel Paloma, Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa, Gaylon Westika, Deldrick and Lorenda Cellicion, and Tara Edaakie.Noreen Simplicio later took over her position followed by Gabriel Paloma.Noreen, Agnes & Anderson Peynetsa, Gabriel and many other well-known potters were all Jennie's students.Today, Gabriel Paloma teaches 9th through 12th grade students at Zuni High School through the school's Creative Arts Program.

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