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Perspective Editor - SunSpot.net

Contributor - SunSpot.net

Foreign Correspondent and Editor - Baltimore Sun

Editor, Perspective Section - Baltimore Sun

Contributor - Baltimore Sun

Communications Consultant - Catholic Relief Services

Emergency Communications Officer - Catholic Relief Services

Emergency Correspondent - Catholic Relief Services

Foreign Correspondent and An Editor - The Sun

Foreign Correspondent and Editor - Christian Science Monitor

Baltimore Sun's Perspective Editor - Christian Science Monitor

Contributor - Christian Science Monitor

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By G. Jefferson Price IIIPerspective EditorThe day that happened, I was working as an editorial writer at the now-defunct Evening Sun and received a call from a senior officer of Mercantile, who bellowed, "Price, the lunatics aren't going to be in charge of the asylum up there anymore." Chacun a son lunatic, but for what the Mercantile man had in mind, he was right.

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By G. Jefferson Price IIISun Staff

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Sudan: What's wrong with this picture? | csmonitor.com

By G. Jefferson Price III , G. Jefferson Price III, a former foreign correspondent and editor at The Baltimore Sun, is an emergency correspondent with Catholic Relief Services.

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