Freddie McGee

Freddie E. McGee

Principal at Benton Harbor Area Schools

636 Pipestone, Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States
HQ Phone:
(269) 605-1000

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Freddie E. McGee was to be hired as the new athletic director at Benton Harbor during a school board meeting a few weeks ago, but the hiring was tabled because of the lack of legal authority of hiring him pending the resolution of Carole Schmidt's status as Superintendent.
Now that a new superintendent has been hired, the hiring of McGee should be a formality at the next meeting. McGee is the principal of Fairplain Middle School.

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Principal: Freddie McGee

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So, we went down this list of schools that were in Year 6 and 7, and we found Freddie McGee.
Freddie is the Principal of Hull Middle School in Benton Harbor. He just had this -- just even over the phone we could tell that this guy's personality was just larger than life. It's a unique situation, because this is his first year on the job. It's the Superintendent's first year on the job. She came from St, Joe, across the river, to become the Superintendent of Benton Harbor Area Schools, and you have got this school that's just struggling, its numbers are way below the targets for being on that track to be proficient by 2013. So, it was just really interesting to spend a day with him, and the people he works with.

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