Freda Rosen

General Information


Chief Spokeswoman  - International Women's Peace Service

Social Therapist  - East Side Center for Short Term Psychotherapy

Adjunct Staff Member  - New York Institute for Social Therapy and Research

New York City Alliance


Member  - The International Workers Party

Member  - Castillo Cultural Center collective

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Freda Rosen, its chief spokeswoman was driven out of the National Alliance.

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104. Ms. Fulani, I show you an article by social therapist and IWP member Freda Rosen from the August 8, 1986 National Alliance newspaper describing a sex-education session she held at the IWP's Barbara Taylor School with girls ages seven to 11.
Do your believe a discussion of the difference between "fucking" and "humping" is really appropriate for seven year olds? Did the school obtain permission from the parents for this sexually explicit session in which Ms. Rosen even talked to the children about her own sex life? Is it true that even some of your supposedly liberated IWP comrades felt this article was inappropriate? 105. Ms. Fulani, what did you say when rank and file members of the IWP complained about the appropriateness of publishing Ms. Rosen's article. Do you think it was appropriate that the newspaper's staff included with the article a picture of the little girls Ms. Rosen had met with? 106. Ms. Fulani, I show you an article from Freda Rosen's "Sexually Speakin'" column in the National Alliance from September 18, 1987. 109. Ms. Fulani, the following year Ms. Strickland--the woman quoted by Freda Rosen regarding sex education at the Barbara Taylor School--was installed as executive director of the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP) in Somerset, New Jersey as a result of community infiltration by your NAP and IWP cadre.

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Freda Rosen's farewell address
Freda Rosen Freda Rosen is a social therapist at the East Side Center for Short Term Psychotherapy. From 1983 through 1989 she was the author of "Sexually Speakin' and Otherwise," which appeared weekly in the National Alliance. She ran for State Assembly in 1988 on the New Alliance Party line. Ms Rosen is currently a member of the Castillo Cultural Center collective and writes regularly for the National Alliance. "Freda Rosen's Farewell Address" first appeared in Vol. 10, No. 30 (August 24, 1989) of the National Alliance.

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